Therapeutic Massage & Coronavirus Immunity

Sayang’s Massage & Spa is providing urgently-required deep tissue massage for clients with severe back or muscle pain as an essential service to our valued clients, many of whom are essential workers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, construction workers, etc.

We encourage all of our clients to avail themselves of Coronavirus testing and are happy to keep records of which of our clients have acquired Covid-19 immunity and can demonstrate this via a recent anti-body test, which will entitle them to full access to our full range of therapeutic massages.

This enhanced screening policy via tracking of client Coronavirus test results within our client records will be in addition to existing measures including use of remote sensors to screen clients for fever upon arrival, use of face masks, hand sanitizer and sterilisation of all surfaces.

We trust that these further measures will provide further assurance to clients and therapists alike whilst ensuring ongoing access to essential deep tissue massage for all asymptomatic clients urgently requiring relief from severe back or muscle pain.

As the number of Covid-19 vaccines entering large-scale clinical trials in the UK increases, we anticipate there being a growing number of clients who will have received Covid-19 vaccinations prior to these becoming publicly available. Upon these vaccinations becoming publicly available, we hope that our pro-active policy will provide a sensible way to gradually increase the range of services we offer our clients in a save and measured manner.

Many thanks to all of our clients for their ongoing support, understanding and collaboration with us as we continue to offer the very best services possible within challenging circumstances.

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