Abbot Laboratories Coronavirus Testing

Given the constraints on the NHS, Sayang’s Massage & Spa is encouraging customers and therapists to avail themselves of private Coronavirus Antibody and Antigen testing, provided by Abbott Laboratories, which identifies whether a person may have developed immunity (antibodies) from previous exposure to Coronavirus as well as the antigen test which detects whether a person may be presently infected with Coronavirus.

These tests are presently being administered by the Harrow Health Care Centre, based at the BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital, with diagnostics being performed by The Doctors Laboratory.

Latest news from the government indicates that spas and gyms will likely be re-opening on the 4th of July. The better information we have as to who has had coronavirus, who may have acquired immunity and who is presently symptomatic, the better and easier it will be to re-open safely.

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