Sayang’s Massage launches ‘Connect’ video call service

The Federation of Holistic Therapies have advised that all close contact holistic and massage therapy services stop during Tier 5 lockdown and have have advised their members to offer therapeutic services only remotely, via phone call or video calls.

Sayang’s Massage have launched our new ‘Connect’ video call service where our clients can speak with ‘Connect Therapists’ who can connect with them, listen to them and help them to feel connected to others whilst they may be shielding, self-isolating, quarantined or simply stuck at home alone for extended periods of time. Guided meditation, guided relaxation and just being there for our clients during a difficult time.

Our Connect Therapists have the option of working from home in compliance with prevailing lockdown regulations and we are actively hiring new Connect Therapists to help us keep up with demand for our new service.

Online sessions are booked in blocks of 30 minutes, paid up-front, online via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. As always please note that we offer only therapeutic services.

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