Sayang’s Spa

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The Concept

Sayang’s Massage & Spa are considering provision of a small outdoor Jacuzzi that can be booked exclusively for an individual, couple or close family members for the purposes of outdoor exercise in line with prevailing coronavirus legislation.

Social Distancing & Hygiene by Design

Sayang’s Spa would allow for 2 metres of social distancing as per government regulations, would be outdoors benefiting from fresh air and would not constitute a communal facility as it would be small in size and booked exclusively by a single party. Chlorine has been found to be effective in killing both bacteria and viruses providing health benefits for individuals as well as a mechanism for ongoing sterilisation of contact surfaces prior to subsequent bookings.

Caring for our Community

It is our view that the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated lock-down will be of a long duration and that pro-active measures will be required to ensure that people can look after their emotional, physical, mental and social well-being with bespoke facilities offering social distancing and hygiene by design, offering the requisite level of exclusivity at an affordable price, via pre-scheduled, exclusive hourly bookings.

Feedback Welcome

We welcome feedback from the public as part of our open consultation phase prior to moving forwards with what we believe will be an important investment not only for Sayang’s Massage & Spa but for the long-term health and well-being of our community.

Contact Us

Feedback, criticism and suggestions welcome at 07520 615 692.