Kutus Kutus Oil for Exquisite Balinese Massages

kutus kutus oil for Balinese Massage

Kutus Kutus Oil is very rich in benefits and goodness. Kutus Kutus Oil is an oil derived from Servasius Bambang Pranoto’s concoction in 2012. Initially it was made to cure the paralysis he was experiencing. After three months of routinely using Kutus Kutus Oil, it turned out that his paralysis could gradually improve. Bambang also tried to improve its quality so that the benefits of Kutus Kutus Oil produced were more optimal.

According to him, Kutus Kutus Oil is made from real coconut oil mixed with 69 types of other herbal plants without a mixture of animal and chemical elements. With proof of healing from Bambang as a compounder and many others, finally the benefits of the Kutus Kutus Oil were even more trusted.

In Bali, Kutus Kutus Oil and all of its goodness is used for Balinese Massages, promoting heathy skin whilst also providing an exquisite, indulgent massage experience. Kutus Kutus Oils can be used alongside other aromatherapy oils or with an Elemis Facial Massage.

Kutus Kutus Oil for Balinese Massage
Kutus Kutus Oil used for Balinese Massage

12 Benefits of Kutus Oil Kutus Oil for your body

1. Improve Sleep Quality

Often have insomnia or suffer from insomnia? If not treated immediately, this condition can adversely affect the body’s immune system and risk developing a dangerous disease. Kutus Oil Kutus oil is an aromatherapy oil that can calm nervous tension and relieve stress for a more restful sleep. One way you need to try is to spread the oil of the warts 30 minutes before going to sleep in parts such as the soles of the feet, spine, temples, and other body areas.

2. Improving Body Metabolism

Regular use of special Kutus Oil can maintain the body while increasing the performance of organs.

3. Become an Antioxidant

Cuten oil is made from various kinds of nutritious herbal plants such as star anise, ginger, neem leaves, and other herbs. All of these herbs contain antioxidants that are very good for all people. Thus, the body’s immunity can continue to improve and the body is protected from viruses and bacteria.

4. Activating Body Chi

Wart oil is a healing agent because it activates chi energy in the body. The chi energy in question is the healing chi energy which stimulates healing cells in the body to work more optimally. In other words, the benefits of this discontinuous warts oil encourage the healing performance of chi in the body to be more optimal.

5. Relieve Pain

The next benefit of wart oil is to be a very effective pain reliever. The reason, the special oil of Bali kutus bidus contains ingredients that have analgesic or pain relief properties. It’s no wonder that it is effective to relieve gout, joint pain, muscle aches, until menstrual pain.

6. Protect Digestion

Benefits of wart oil subsequent warts are no less important than the previous benefits which is to protect the body’s digestive system. For those who believe, this oil is believed to protect body organs such as the stomach, intestines, and kidneys. Apart from that, it has also been used to treat stomach pain, stomach pain, gastritis, and other digestive problems. For children, this oil needs to be consumed regularly to avoid interference from appetite.

7. Increase Sexual Passion

Cuten oil is made from many beneficial herbal plants and one of them is purwaceng. This plant is known as an aphrodisiac plant or in other words plants that have properties to arouse sexual arousal. With the existence of these purwaceng plants, it is not surprising that the special oil of bidon oil can increase sexual arousal for men and women.

8. Moisturize Skin

Coconut oil which contains coconut oil is also beneficial for moisturizing the skin. This herbal medicine is believed to be very effective, especially for those who have dry or scaly skin conditions. The price of wart oil which is much cheaper compared to other skin care drugs is also one of the main attractions. With the low price and the same efficacy, who does not want to choose this herbal medicine as an alternative treatment?

9. Overcoming Hemorrhoids

This herbal medicine from Bali also has other benefits, especially for sufferers of hemorrhoids. With a variety of natural ingredients contained in it, oil is believed to be also able to overcome the symptoms of this disease. In fact, according to some parties, it can also be used as an alternative treatment to accompany medical drugs. Interested in trying this herbal remedy to treat hemorrhoids?

10. Overcoming Serious Diseases

The benefits of wart oil are not only useful for treating minor ailments, but also various serious illnesses. From its name alone, this oil has been referred to as healing oil, aka healing oil. The healing properties of this oil are able to work independently but the results are extraordinary. Serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, paralysis, and cancer are believed to be cured with the help of cuticle oil.

11. Relieve Fever

Lemongrass content in the oil of the warts is believed to be able to relieve fever naturally. In addition, lemongrass is also believed to contain substances that are believed to reduce fever and relieve swelling. In fact, lemongrass is also believed to strengthen hair follicles so as to prevent loss. Benefits of itching oil for itching and irritated scalp are also related to the content of lemon grass in it. Lemongrass can kill bacteria and make hair fresh and odor free.

12. Overcoming Allergies

Benefits of wart oil for babies is believed to overcome allergies. A child who has skin allergies to his immune system becomes sensitive to certain substances called allergens. Allergens can be animal dander, drugs, food, or insects. It is important to know, handling allergies is to determine the trigger factors and avoid triggers as much as possible.

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