Choice of 9 Aromatherapy Oils at SMS

Sayang’s Massage & Spa has consulted our customers regarding which aromatherapy scents they would prefer and we’ve purchased the following aromatherapy oils. Please see our pricing page for details of the additional cost for a choice of aromatherapy oils.

  1. Coconut hemp oil
  2. Rose oil
  3. Jasmine oil
  4. Lavender oil
  5. Lemon grass oil
  6. Menthol
  7. Ylang Ylang oil
  8. Coconut oil
  9. Sweet Almond Oil

We continue to use the highest quality sweet almond oil for our basic hot oil massages but are offering customers a choice of aromas for their aromatherapy massages. If you would like to give your views on which aromatherapy oils you would prefer, please do let us know via the SMS Aromatherapy Survey which is live on our Facebook page (link below).

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