At Sayang’s Massage & Spa, we put ‘Sayang’ at the heart of everything we do. ‘Sayang’, pronounced ˈsʌɪjɑŋ/ and spelled سايڠ‎ in Jawi, means ‘love’, ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’. But ‘Sayang’ is not always a noun. As a verb, ‘Sayang’ means ‘to love’. As an adjective, ‘Sayang’ means ‘to be loving,’ ‘affectionate’ or ‘caring’ for another person. When there is a lot of ‘Sayang’ it becomes ‘Sayang-Sayang’ (plural).

We believe there can never be too much ‘Sayang’ in the world and our therapists are ambassadors of ‘Sayang’, providing ‘Rassa Sayang’ or ‘the touch of love’ to bring healing, relaxation and wellness to our clients.

Come enjoy the ‘feeling of love and caring’ at Sayang’s Massage and experience an Eastern philosophy of healing and wellness, with a choice of South East Asian aromatherapy oils including Lemon Grass, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang or for a truly indulgent and exotic experience, try the world-renowned Balinese ‘Kutus Kutus’ oil, infused with Eastern herbs and known for its healing properties.