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It seems that everyone these days is more stressed than ever and opportunities for leisure, relaxation and socialising are increasingly rare. A visit to the pub with friends, a massage at the weekend or even attending a sporting event can become not only a luxury but an impossibility.

Sayang’s Massage is here to help, offering guided relaxation & meditation with our friendly and helpful therapists who will guide you towards increased self-awareness of where your body is ‘storing’ stress and tension and help you to release this tension; focus your mind and promote well-being. Whilst our Connect Therapists are in fact teaching you exercises that you can also do on your own, we find that the connection to another human being – albeit via video call – is invaluable as we are all social beings. 

During your Sayang Massage video call session your Connect Therapist may introduce and explain relaxation or mindfulness exercises and initially work through these with you. They may then suggest that you continue to use specific exercises independently.

For more information regarding guided relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques, please see the information below, provided by the Mayo Clinic.

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Please note we offer only therapeutic massage. No refunds for clients requesting other services. Thank you.

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